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Boxx aims to bring users World-Class Workouts wherever they are in the world.  The app focuses on Boxing, HIIT/Cardio, Strength and Yoga workouts to ensure users get the best results for THEIR body and mind!

All workouts:

  • Vary in length from 7 minutes to 30 minutes 
  • Are instructed by a team of Top UK trainers who vary in skill set and training styles. Require little or no equipment so can be done anywhere
  • Are for all different levels from beginners to the more experienced user.

This benefit is only available to Wellbeing members. 

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6 Week Plans

Yoga training

We currently have three 6 Week Plans: 


Each plan is based on a specific goal and consists of a downloadable plan booklet, workout planner, workout videos and additional material relevant to their goal i.e. nutrition plan, running plan or weight lifting plan. 

Nutrition Plan

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Current available nutitrion plan for Boxx users:


In addition, we have a wide range of healthy and tasty recipes for users to download for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Boxing and Cardio

Boxing training

Heart pumping, sweat dripping, super fun Boxing/Cardio workouts. Expect to be challenged mentally and physically: burn fat, tone up, get fitter, faster, relieve stress and finish feeling empowered.


Strength training

Body weight and resistance training to strengthen the whole body. Workouts using just body weight, plus ones incorporating small equipment, both will leave you feeling strong!

What's Included?

✔    ENTIRE Workout library of Boxing, HIIT, Strength and Yoga workouts

✔    ALL downloadable plans and nutrition content

✔    ACCESS to some of the best instructors in the UK

✔    VIEW from any device via Web platform and Mobile App

✔    STREAM workouts to your TV via Chromecast or Airplay

✔    NEW content added every month so you never get bored

✔    ANYTIME/ANYWHERE access to encourage and promote a active/healthy lifestyle 

This benefit is only available to Wellbeing members. 

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