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At IPSE we don’t just support our members with sickness cover, tax advice and all our other benefits; we also represent you.

We are the leading voice for our 68,000 members and for all of the UK’s 4.8 million self-employed people. We represent your interests in government, using clear, evidence-based arguments to influence policy and get a better deal for self-employed people across the UK.

We’ve had some high-profile successes over the years, from pushing the government to back down over increased taxes for the self-employed, to getting the last government to adopt many of our 2015 manifesto policies.

And the future looks even more exciting. Take a look at to find out about all our latest work. 

The IPSE Manifesto

IPSE's 2017 manifesto, 'A Contract with the Self-Employed', not only addresses key questions on taxation and potential regulation, but also offers a full set of practical policies the government should deliver to support the self-employed.

This includes:

  • Introducing a statutory definition of self-employment to clear the confusion in the gig economy and protect legitimate freelancers  
  • Reviewing the tax system for the self-employed to ensure fairness and efficiency
  • Providing fair parental benefits for self-employed mothers and fathers
  • Controlling the damage caused by the changes to IR35 in the public sector and committing not to introduce similar measures in the private sector 
  • Developing a proper pensions solution for the self-employed
  • Changing the tax treatment of training to encourage development and career progression

"IPSE is an invaluable resource for freelancers of all kinds. When you’re self-employed, it’s great to have that strong network behind you to support your business, fight for your freelance rights, and give you advice – whatever stage you’re at."

Emmeline P

Freelancer of the Year 2016

"I am extremely pleased with the service provided by IPSE. I would definitely recommend it because it provides all the support and cover to protect you as a freelancer."

Amit A.

IPSE Member

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