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We all encounter new, exciting, and somewhat challenging scenarios as we run our businesses – signing contracts, hiring employees, protecting our trade secrets, and so on... 

But nobody starts a business to spend hours researching business law, second-guessing what they need to do and wasting precious time and money on stuff that often doesn’t make a lot of sense...

...which is exactly what SMEs have had to do until now.

Farillio makes law fast, simple and affordable for small businesses across the UK. 

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It’s the go-to platform for when you need to find expert answers to your questions, to find credible templates for your legal documents (along with user-friendly guidance for those confusing clauses!), and to collaborate with experts, your team members, suppliers, other advisers, and whoever else you choose to invite into your Farillio space.

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What was once inaccessible, unaffordable and encumbering is now literally at your fingertips…with Farillio, you can:

Effortlessly manage your business’ legal documents – Create, share, edit, sign, duplicate and store legal documents with confidence using Farillio’s collaborative, predictive and secure document editor – and manage it all from your very own mobile-friendly dashboard. 

Easily get knowledge when you need it, served up fast in plain English – Learn from how-to video soundbites, get organised with checklists, and find out what you need to know from Farillio’s infographics and short, easy-read guides.

Quickly receive expert answers to your legal questions – without hefty fees – If you need tailored guidance, Farillio’s expert partners give you rapid advice and tailored recommendations (including initial document reviews) on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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A short and simple onboarding process is all Farillio needs to automatically configure everything on the platform to suit your business. And it continues to configure to each user: the more you use Farillio, the more Farillio learns about your preferences and behaviour.

Farillio handpicks brilliant experts to guide you through your business journey.

From friendly lawyers who advise small businesses of every variety every day, to those who also advise larger organisations such as Facebook, the experts that help to build Farillio are at the cutting edge of what they do.

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And it doesn’t stop with law… 

Farillio joins the dots between law and every other aspect of running your business. Farillio’s collaborators weave their HR, tax, data and cyber, banking, insurance, business planning, sales, marketing, accountancy and PR expertise throughout the platform – and as a Farillio subscriber, you’ll get access to all of that too. 

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It’s about time that law caught up with the modern world. 

At last, great lawyers are now easily accessible to you and others within the UK’s small business community, you can create your legal documents quickly and safely, and you can find answers to thousands of business questions without paying a penny more than Farillio’s monthly subscription fee of just £8 + VAT. 

Want to give it a try for free? 

Get 2 weeks free and a 40% discount for 18 months as an IPSE member. Sign up or log in for access.

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