Benefit highlights

  • 10% off laser eye and lens surgery

  • Free eye test (£30 minimum spend)

  • 10% off prescription and designer eyewear

  • The UK’s number one provider of laser eye surgery

Benefit information

From stylish eyewear to life-changing procedures, Optical Express is one of the world’s leading providers of selected eye care services. As a IPSE Rewards member, you can enjoy a range of discounts at Optical Express, including:

  • 10% off laser eye surgery

  • 10% off lens surgery

  • 10% off prescription glasses, contact lenses and designer sunglasses

  • Free eye test

  • Free second pair of glasses

  • Free iScan health report (worth up to £500)

20/20 vision

Optical Express is the UK’s number one provider of laser eye surgery. Using state-of-the-art technology, their skilled and experienced surgeons perform thousands of treatments every week, so you can be sure you’ll be in good hands.

In addition to your 10% discount, their Money Back Guarantee means that if your procedure doesn’t give you 20/20 vision or better, you’ll receive a full refund.

This offer is only available as an IPSE member of the Family or Wellbeing package, with IPSE Rewards.

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Terms & Conditions

10% Discount: Offer cannot be used for online purchases, direct debit contact lens sales or in conjunction with any other marketing promotions (including special complete price offer, standard student discount and over 60s discount). Offer can be extended to immediate family.

Free Second Pair: The free second pair includes standard lenses only, and can only be redeemed on a complete glasses purchase, providing the sale after discount is over £100. Other lens and frame options are available for an additional cost.

Free Eye Test: Appointments are subject to availability. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, eye tests are normally free with purchase, and £30 without purchase. In Scotland, you are entitled to an eye test every two years, provided by the NHS.

20/20: Available only to those receiving iDesign iLASIK treatment for best distance vision for both eyes, confirmed by Optical Express prior to treatment as suitable candidates. As measured by Optical Express at least 12 months following initial treatment or three months following enhancement treatment. Causes of failure unconnected with our treatment excluded. All treatment and aftercare recommendations must be followed. Full terms and conditions apply, as follows:

1. This promotion is available only to persons receiving iDesign iLASIK treatment with the aim of achieving best distance vision for both eyes individually (“iDesign iLASIK treatment”). Monovision treatments to aid near vision do not meet the terms of this promotion. Please refer to your informed consent document, which will be issued at your consultation to confirm whether you are receiving this treatment with the aim of best distance vision in each eye. If you receive this treatment, and you do not achieve 20/20 (uncorrected) vision, Optical Express will refund to you the amount actually paid by you to Optical Express for your initial iDesign iLASIK treatment. If you have taken out a loan arranged by Optical Express, then your loan agreement will be cancelled and all repayments made pursuant to the loan agreement (including any interest you have paid under the agreement) will be refunded to you. If you have used another source of finance to meet the cost of your treatment, please note that it will remain your obligation to make payments to the provider of the loan or finance, and the fact Optical Express have given a refund shall not exempt you from any liability or obligation to the provider of the loan or finance. For the avoidance of doubt, Optical Express will not refund any interest paid by you on, or in relation to, that loan or finance. You will be required to complete an application process to obtain your refund. The application process will have timescales specified for completion. These will be notified to you if you seek a refund. In any event any refund must be applied for within 15 months of your initial iDesign iLASIK treatment.

2. For the purposes of this promotion “20/20″ vision does not mean perfect eyesight. “20/20″ vision means 20/20 or better binocular distance visual acuity, when assessed with both eyes open and using a standard calibrated ophthalmic backlit eye chart with logarithmically arranged letter sizes, in a room lit to such a standard as is reasonably required to properly carry out an eye test, following a period of at least twelve (12) months following the initial iDesign iLASIK treatment, or (if an enhancement treatment is carried out) at least three (3) months following the enhancement treatment. If you do not understand the meaning of this section please let Optical Express know. Your level of vision under this promotion can only be confirmed at an Optical Express clinic by an Optical Express clinician.

3. This promotion is available only to persons who are capable of achieving 20/20 vision in each eye, as confirmed by Optical Express at your pre-treatment consultation. Your preoperative best corrected spectacle visual acuity (BCSVA or BCVA) must be 20/20 (6/6) or better in each eye in order for you to qualify for this promotion. Your eligibility in addition to within your clinical records will be confirmed in the section “patient consent” earlier in this document.

4. You shall not be entitled to a refund under this promotion if 20/20 vision is not achieved due to:

a. causes or conditions not intended to be resolved or addressed as part of your treatment or unrelated to your treatment (such as but not limited to amblyopia, glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, eye muscle imbalances, cataracts, vitreous opacities, or other retinal conditions); b. if you have failed to follow any medication or aftercare regime or routine recommended by us; c. if you elect not to undertake any enhanced or additional treatment recommended by us; d. if, subsequent to your treatment, someone other than Optical Express has provided treatment, medication or aftercare relating to your vision or eyes; or e. if you have not been truthful, honest and/or co-operative when Optical Express have sought to treat you, provide aftercare to you, and/or verify the condition of your vision and/or your lack of 20/20 vision at premises operated by us.

5. Please note results of eye examination vision tests carried out by others will not be accepted to enable a refund – only vision tests performed by Optical Express at our premises will be accepted.